When was the last time you had a satisfying, enriching conversation about diversity? American industry has been working on valuing differences for decades now. Most if not all major corporations and government agencies expect their employees to value diversity. And yet, as the presidential campaigns of Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain demonstrated, our nation still has a way to go toward the goal of respectful communications about diversity.

The authors provide a guide for educators, journalists, politicians, pastors and just about anyone who wants to be well prepared to respond to insensitive and awkward comments.

Navigating Diversity recounts 50 offensive, insensitive, awkward, uncomfortable or questionable comments with five suggested responses to each. No matter what your style - to the point, personal, philosophical or sassy - Navigating Diversity offers an effective response to your student's awkward question, the hairdresser's off color remark, a customer's rude comment, and your preacher's questionable sermon.

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Praise for Navigating Diversity
"Kudos to Patty Bates-Ballard and Gregory Smith for helping all of us navigate diversity matters. Using comments ripped from the headlines, pulled from diversity training, and repeated at the water cooler, Bates-Ballard and Smith offer multiple ways we can all deal with comments that are offensive or insensitive. With their open and balanced approach, their humor, and their admonition that we should all model the respect we want to receive, Navigating Diversity is an important tool for diversity advocates and for others. No matter how experienced the diversity advocate or leader, there is something to learn from this book." - Dr. Julianne Malveaux, President, Bennett College for Women

"A wonderful and practical primer on the most divisive topic in our country. Clearly written, I highly recommend it for every CEO, graduating high school senior and everyone in between who instructs, communicates, or interacts in our increasingly diverse society." - Martin W. Fielder, M.D.

"Navigating Diversity is the first book I've seen that provides some structure and science to diversity conversations. Its focus on concrete steps that help people change makes it an excellent handbook for diversity trainers. I will certainly use many of the suggestions in my own classes and training sessions." - Charles R. Payne, Ed.D., Assistant Provost for Diversity, Director of the Office for Institutional Diversity, & Professor of Educational Studies, Ball State University

"Navigating Diversity is a very practical tool everyone interested in social justice should have as a resource to refer to when met with diversity dilemmas!" - Evetta Armstrong, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor, Educational Administration & Human Resource Development, Texas A & M University – College Station

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