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The most offensive comment of 2008

“All the hunters gather up, there’s a n----- in the White House.” – Buck Burnette, former UT football player. link

Our Suggested Responses

Thought-provoking: What was that you said? What led you to decide to say that? Who have you heard using that language? What do you think (member of the targeted group you both know) would say about that?

Personal: I am extremely upset about what you said. I’m so sad that any American would even jokingly threaten the life of our President-elect. My experience with that kind of language is that it can lead to violence.

Informative:  Most people consider that language offensive, even people who didn’t support Mr. Obama for president. While the constitution protects free speech, the N-word alienates a lot of people–those within the targeted group–as well as others who value diversity. The combination of the N-word with language that refers to hunting is even more offensive. And because you named the White House, your comment could be investigated by the Secret Service as a threat on the life of the president-elect.

Light: I think you might be getting a visit from the Secret Service soon.

Authoritative: That language is extremely offensive and I don’t ever want to hear you say that again.

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