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Fifth most offensive comment of 2008

“Maybe that’s a way of killing them” – Senator John McCain responding to a report that exports of cigarettes to Iran have increased dramatically. link

Our Suggested Responses (Courtesy of Bryan from Texas):

Thought Provoking:
If elected president what are you objectives related to Iran? How would widespread killing of Iranians lead to a successful presidency, in your view?

As a smoker, I wonder if you think that cigarettes are allowed to be sold in the US for the purpose of killing me.

Maybe we could sell them the "Patch."

A survey of sailors and Marines in Iraq showed 64% of them used tobacco, more than twice the US average of 29.6%. How do you think that comment is going to be received by them?

Comments like that will lead Iranians and others to distrust your presidency.  I advise you to avoid jokes that suggest you support a nation's destruction.

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